Strategic Pillars: the strategic battlefields your business has to win to scale

Strategic Pillars + Strategic Planning

Most businesses have a great strategy that ultimately isn’t executed well or poor parts of the strategy that aren’t corrected quick enough.

It doesn’t have to be that way. As our guests today explain, the key to executing the right strategy starts with the powerful concept of Strategic Pillars. Strategic Pillars are simply the 3-5 strategic battlefields your business has to win to be successful.

Today’s guests are Matt Laessig, COO & co-founder at and Bryon Jacob, CTO & co-founder at They both have a highly-accomplished resume with stints at HomeAway, where they learned, hands-on, the power of strategic pillars. You’ll even hear the story about how HomeAway made a drastic change to their business using Strategic Pillars.

If your business has a strategy, this is a must listen episode. It’s full of practical, real-world advice to ensure you develop the right strategic pillars – and how to use the strategic pillars to drive alignment, agreement, and acceleration – for your business.


Other topics in this episode include:

  • The lesson of Strategic Pillars:
    • What are they?
    • How do other companies, like Amazon, use Strategic Pillars?
    • Why do they use this concept?
    • How it replaces the traditional business plan.
    • What are some examples of Strategic Pillars?
    • How the simple concept can drive lasting results.
  • How often should you change the strategic pillars? What happens when you do change the pillars?
  • When to create your strategic pillars.
  • How to create your strategic pillars with your team.

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