How to set goals that motivate, acquire companies to grow and worry less – how one award-winning CEO does it

Today, we are continuing our conversation with the award-winning CEO of Four Hands, Matt Briggs. In this episode, we cover a wide range of topics from goal-setting to acquisitions to reducing stress. If you missed the previous episode, don’t miss the chance to hear the way Four Hands operationalizes their core values.  

One topic to pay extra close attention to in this episode is how Matt and Four Hands set their company goals. In working with businesses around the world, it’s incredible how many companies struggle with goal setting that get (and keep) people focused. Do they set them so they are achievable or so they are more aspirational and very difficult to achieve? Matt does a great job sharing the unique perspective Four Hands has used to set goals to scale. Tune your ear to their approach and how it will help you and your business set goals and grow.

Listen now to hear about Matt and Four Hands set goals and much, much more:

Other topics include:

  • How Four Hands thinks about setting goals and the importance of having line-of-sight to achieving goals
  • How to break down silos in organizations
  • The value of having informed decisions and how that accelerates outcomes
  • The unique way that Four Hands has handled acquisitions
  • How Matt’s view of work-life balance has changed over the years and how he currently “balances” the two
  • Matt’s unique perspective on how to reduce your stress 
  • Why so many startup leaders struggle from such high-stress levels

Thank you again to Matt Briggs for being on the podcast (and agreeing to be on again, too!). If you are in the market for any home furnishings, please be sure to check out the beautiful furniture at Four Hands

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