How to Operationalize Core Values to Drive Performance

You might have heard CEOs talk about their core values and wondered: how do they practically live out the core values in the business? Furthermore, how do they use them to drive performance?

Today, you’re going to hear from award-winning CEO, Matthew Briggs of Four Hands. Four Hands is a home furnishing company based in Austin, TX. In this episode, Matt shares how they actually live out one of their most unique core values: Fun. You’ll be surprised by the many ways they live up to this core value, how it drives their culture, performance, customer empathy and more. It’s not just window dressing.

Matt shares his unlikely journey from a self-proclaimed ski bum to the CEO of Four Hands, which will surpass $200m in revenue this year.

Listen now:

Other topics include:

  • How Matt went from a self-proclaimed Ski Bum to CEO of Four Hands to a 2019 Ernst and Young, Entrepreneur of the Year winner.
  • The journey behind Four Hands growing from an $8m/year company when Matt started to over $200m/year this year
  • The three buckets Matt typically gets put into as CEO – and how he doesn’t fit any of the typical CEO profiles
  • The power of authenticity when it comes to core values
  • Matt’s view on hiring, firing and promoting someone around core values
  • One of the first signs that a company is failing
  • How Fun became a core value at Four Hands
  • The purpose Fun has a core value and the unique way it started at Four Hands
  • How Four Hands staffs all the unique activities related to the Fun core value
  • How other companies have lived out their core values in ways that didn’t cost a penny

Don’t miss the next episode of the Four You Leaders Podcast. Matt dives into a couple of very common issues we see Coaching CEOs: how do you set goals (high and barely achievable vs. low and able to hit 100% of the time), work-life balance and a whole lot more. 

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