The Real and Raw Truth about Success, Growth, Failure and Leaving a Legacy

Today, we continue our conversation with John James, the CEO of Engine. In the previous episode, John shared the incredible story about how he went from medical school to selling over $100m/year in cowboy boots online with his business, Country Outfitter. In this episode, John dives into many of the how-to’s and “wish I would have knowns” from his deep experience.

He candidly shares about the health scare that led to his resignation at Country Outfitter, how he thinks about his legacy and the principles he’s taken with him to his newest venture, Engine.

He also provides the powerful and simple advice Alex Dillard, the President of Dillard’s Department Stores, gave him that totally changed the way he viewed being a leader – both at home and the office. Don’t miss this episode:

Other topics include:

  • The simple advice he gives startup founders
  • How John views the role of a CEO and what we’ve seen talking to thousands of other leaders and CEOs
  • The two ways CEOs can work around their weaknesses
  • The unique role the right COO can play for CEOs
  • How to move from “Chief Doing Officer” to CEO
  • The right time to hire more senior leaders
  • How John manages remote workers and different office locations, even in a small company
  • The most important question for John at this stage in his career
  • The simple advice Dillard’s CEO gave John around work-life balance
  • The one promise John made to his wife about work
  • How to set your priorities to build your legacy

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