Unlocking the sense of destiny within your team

Everyone on your team is connecting to something. Some connect to their paycheck. Others connect to a title or their influence.

What if you could connect them to their sense of destiny?

That’s the challenge and approach our podcast guest, Tim Hawks, takes with his organization. Tim is the head of an organization that inspires over 7,000 people around a common mission, vision and goal.

Tim is the head pastor at Hill Country Bible Church in Austin, Texas. Before you stop reading, I encourage you to listen to this podcast with an open mind. You are not going to hear a sermon, but you are going to hear Tim’s unique perspective as a leader.

Tim is an incredible communicator that leads a volunteer-led organization. He speaks candidly about how he accomplishes the work through staff and volunteers.


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Today’s Topics Include:

  • How Tim accomplishes a lot, without paying a large number of people within his organization
  • How his organization has many of the same issues of a for profit organization
  • How Tim inspires thousands of people by aligning them around a common goal
  • We talk about how more communication can sometimes lead to more confusion
  • What to do as a leader when people make a mistake
  • There is a sense of destiny in the heart of everyone

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When people say communication is a problem, it is usually a Red Herring for another issue. Things need to be framed in a way that is clear. Tim says that a lot of leadership is just showing up. Being intentional on how you are showing up as a leader can lead to great results.

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Stay tuned for part two where we talk about Tim’s strategic planning process.



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